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Benifits of a Silent Disco


Weddings are such a special occasion you want to make sure every one enjoys, but with such a big mix of ages and with the music choices being so diverse these days not all the music requests will suit all of the guests however we do have the perfect solution which allows us to play all types of genres at the same time giving the guest the opportunity to listen to what they want but still enjoying the moment with everyone there.

Our Supreme Silent Discos are an amazing experience and simple to use. We will provide everything you need to ensure you have the best Silent Event Possible and includes dance floor lighting to add to the experience.

We provide you with 3no channels to listen too and your guests have the power to change the channel at any time.

The Standard package includes a DJ who will perform a live mix and will interact with your guests whilst providing a pre mix for the other 2 channels, one channel will include favorites from the 50s upto the 70s, the other channel will include 80s to the early 00's, the live mix will be inclusive of requests received before and during the night and generally what we perceive to be working on the night given our knowledge and experience.

The Ultimate package is 2 live DJs who will battle and compete during their live mixes over 2 separate channels, interacting with the crowd throughout the night  attempting to attract them to switch to their live mix complete with a pre mix for the 3rd channel.


This is the perfect solution for those who are looking for something different that perhaps no one you know has done before. In addition if noise is an issue or the venue is fitted with a noise limiter then this is the perfect option


Whether it be the varirety of music or the fact that noise is the concern, there are a host of advantages to utilising our Silent Disco Services which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Silent Discos are different, fun and exciting exactly what a Wedding party needs to be

  • You can have a range of music playing at the same time 

  • The headphones are comfortable and illuminated which visually look fantastic.

  • Other than your gusts singing and dancing which is great fun to watch, there will be no noise complaints

  • No need for your guests to shout at one another

  • They overcome the loud music curfews and sound limiter issues at venues where they are present

  • Wireless music meaning you can enjoy it from anywhere in your venue

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